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Xeriscaping is an eco-friendly version of landscape design that reduces supplemental water consumption next to ZERO. Initiated by Denver Water in 1981, the concept of xeriscaping became popular because of its attachment with the vision of water-efficient gardening.

Medscapes is proud to be the leading Xeriscaping Tampa contractor. We offer all kinds of landscaping services, including xeriscaping solutions, across Tampa, Florida and its surrounding areas.

So, if you’re already familiar with Xeriscaping and want to create an attractive and water-saving landscape, contact us today.

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    Why Xeriscape Landscaping

    Tampa, Florida is the largest city located on Tampa Bay, near the Gulf of Mexico, and it is prone to severe drought. The region has been seeing decrease in rainfall and groundwater level in the past few years, and the problem seems to continue in coming years. This downfall in water reserves would ultimately affect your landscapes.

    In this situation, Xeriscaping in Tampa is the best solution to preserve your gardens and help your homes maintain their attractiveness. With Xeriscape landscaping, you’ll not only be able to save water, but also invite wildlife and keep the interest alive.

    So, if you’re thinking about water-efficient gardening, talk to us.

    Xeriscaping Tampa

    How Medscapes Can Help

    Remember, for attractive landscaping, analyzing the location is pretty important. Your yard or gardening space consists of different Plant Zones that receive different amounts of moisture, wind and sunlight. You need to know:

    • The plants that should be grouped together based on similar water and light requirements.

    • Which areas in your yard are suitable for a particular type of plant,

    • How much water you should consume on daily/weekly/monthly basis.

    • What type of soil to be used

    • How and when to irrigate the plants

    With these basics in mind, you’ll be able to minimize water consumption. Landscaping experts at Medscapes offer free consultations to help you build your own xeriscape. We always recommend you should hire professionals to examine the location for cost-effective, long lasting and highly attractive Tampa Xeriscaping solutions.

    Xeriscaping Landscape Design Tampa FL

    Our Xeriscape Design and Planning

    • Identify the best soil (sand or clay) according to your needs

    • Identify plants with low water requirements (discussed in the next section)

    • Efficient irrigation (sprinkler system), if needed.

    • Identify plant zones

    • What kind of mulches to be applied to the roots (organic / inorganic)

    • Suggest the best turf alternatives

    • Maintenance (weeding, cutting, pruning, etc.)

    Best Drought-Tolerant Plants for Tampa

    Florida’s weather remains dry eight out of twelve months. Moreover, Tampa Bay has been receiving lower rainfall during the 4-month rainy period for the past few years. This means less water for your landscape.

    To tackle this challenge, Medscapes offers drought-tolerant plants accustomed to Florida’s dry weather, in conjunction with non-native plants.

    Xeriscaping Landscaping Services Tampa

    Here are some of the many drought-tolerant plants that we offer for Tampa Xeriscaping:

    • Blanket Flower: Also known as Gaillardia pulchella, this plant is sun-loving, salt-tolerant and drought resistant. It can be planted with Beach Sunflower.

    • Buttonwood: Also known as Conocarpus erectus, this drought-tolerant plant can be used as small tree, hedge or accent.

    • Firebush: locally known as Hamelia patens is an extremely colorful shrub that can be grown quite easily. It’s the best plant to attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

    • Beautyberry: Callicarpa Americana is a drought-tolerant plant that features clusters of purple berries during fall and late summer.

    • Longleaf Pine: This tree can grow up to 100 feet. It would not only add beauty to your landscape, but also offers shelter to different kinds of wildlife.

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