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Best Landscapers in Tampa, Florida

Medscapes has one goal – to provide you with the best landscaping services in the Tampa area. We offer a full range of services including landscape design, landscaping, hardscaping, lighting, fertilization, irrigations and even tree service in Tampa.

Our company has a team full of professionals that are able to meet all of your landscaping needs. We work directly with you to build a lasting relationship, while providing the highest quality work and designs in the Tampa area. Our dedication to building these relationships is why Medscapes has become the go-to landscaping service and design company in Tampa.

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Landscape Design

Medscapes believes in a few key principles – be functional, be practical, be gorgeous. These three principles help us to create landscaping masterpieces custom tailored just for you.

Landscape Designer Tampa

We consider everything when we design a landscape for any home or office. We consider the area, the terrain, the climate, water runoff, water capture and even temperature (even in Tampa). We understand that certain plants just won’t thrive in Tampa, so we don’t incorporate them into our designs. Instead, we will provide plenty of other options that will work with just as much color and robustness.

And, we don’t create “cookie cutter” designs. Each landscaping design that we craft is built specifically for your property. We pay attention to special details in your currently landscaping, including different levels and hidden areas that many other companies may overlook. Ultimately, our goal is to add value and prestige to your property to enhance your aesthetic appeal.


On the opposite end of the landscaping fence is hardscaping. We specialize in hardscape designs too and we can help you convert your unused and/or unsightly property into a beautiful entry way and/or sitting area.

We will work with you to see your vision, understand your desires, and help you design and build the project as you envisioned. There’s a reason we have become to go-to hardscaping design company in Tampa and the surrounding areas.

Hardscaping Tampa FL

Tampa has specific needs that not every hardscape designer will understand. But, because we work on residential and commercial hardscaping in Tampa and the surrounding areas, we know what will work and what will not work.

Whether your property needs a little update or you want to completely change the look of your lawn and/or storefront, Medscapes has you covered.

Landscape Lighting

While Landscaping and Hardscaping can change the look of your property dramatically, what draws it out is the lighting. During the day, the natural colors and design will do all the work, but at night, it’s the light that gets the “WOW” factor going.

Without the proper lighting, a beautifully landscaped and/or hardscape property will just look blah.

After you’ve invested your time and money into your new design, take it up another notch with lighting to draw attention to that water features, the flowing walkway, the beautiful oasis – whatever you want. Ultimately, lighting can change a good design into a great design.

Landscape Lighting Tampa

While we’re primarily known for our landscaping, hardscaping and lighting designs, we also handle other services. These include fertilization, irrigation, lawn care, stone retaining walls and so much more.


Why Do I Need Landscaping or Hardscaping?

Increase The Value of Your Property

Having your property landscaped and/or adding hardscaping will generally add up to 15% more value to your selling price. In addition, most designs add more functionality to poorly and/or unused land. Landscaped properties also tend to hold their value more versus properties that don’t have any landscaping and/or hardscaping completed.

Helps Decrease Energy Bills

Landscape designers aren’t just planters. Instead, they are trained professionals who learn to make use of everything available on your property. In fact, they can plant trees and shrubs in strategic locations to help reduce sunlight and/or heat from penetrating your building. This leads to a greater indoor comfort and a softer blow to the wallet and/or utility bill.

Landscape Design Tampa

Manage Runoff and Erosion

A properly designed landscape and/or hardscape can actually help to manage runoff and erosion. Some property elevations are prone to flooding and runoff, which can ultimately lead to erosion.

But a professional landscape designer can design a plan to help stifle and/or slow down flood water, reroute them safely, and stop erosion from happening.

Through the use of certain vegetation, trees, gardens, pools, irrigation systems, and more, they can ultimately manage your property in any climate situation.

Landscaping Services Tampa

Environmental Benefits

In most cases, landscaping helps the environment. By adding plants, shrubs, and trees, you are helping to reduce environmental pollutants. The roots from the added plants and trees help to trap and filter dust and other pollutions from rainwater runoff, while the leaves can help to reduce our carbon dioxide footprint.

And as we said before, it also helps to reduce our energy usage (i.e. save money on the utility bills). Whenever we reduce our need for electricity, we reduce our carbon footprint.

Tampa FL Landscaping Design

Encourages Time Spent Outdoors

A properly landscaped property with a beautiful hardscaping design will draw family, friends and workers (if you own a commercial property) outside. And it’s important to go outside some.

Humans need the fresh air, the exercise and or time to stretch, the Vitamin D from the sun – it’s good for us. Brighter, vibrant colors mixed with water features have proven to help with mood and/or stress.

As you can see, there are several reasons to have your property landscaped and/or adding hardscaping. And Medscapes is the best landscaping design company in Tampa, Florida. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is unparalleled and is shown in each of our designs. If you want to see some of our previous work, go to our gallery page to see what we’ve already created. If you are ready to find out what we can do for you, give us a call at (813) 382-5801 and let us give you a free consultation.

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Tight Budget? No Problem

We understand most don’t have an unlimited budget. Our landscape designers are able to produce masterpieces on any budget – big or small. Of course, we want our clients to be realistic about their budget and their desires. At Medscapes, we will help you figure out the best options for your property, your ideas and your budget.

In fact, some of our best designs have been created on smaller budgets. You’ve seen some of them on this page already. See what we’ve created in the past and get an idea of what you might want to incorporate into your own design.

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One of the Highest Rated Landscaping Services in Tampa

Medscapes has been serving Tampa and the surrounding areas for years, and our reputation precedes us. Our experience working with projects of all types, and budgets of all sizes, has allowed us to become the go-to landscaping service and design company in the Tampa area.

Our commitment to each customer is unparalleled and it’s what makes us a leader in the landscaping industry. Give us a call today at (813) 382-5801 and let us help you with your next landscaping project.